DIY: Raised Garden Bed

June 17, 2014 § 3 Comments

Ever since I was around 8 years old, I can remember going out to the garden to pick fresh tomatoes, zucchini, and green beans right off the vine.  It was a treat when each year my dad brought out the roto-tiller and began prepping the garden for my mom and I to dig our fingers into the soil and plant the seeds to what would become some amazing meals. My favorite meal time being when my mother fried eggplant for the Eggplant Parmesan and I would sneak over to the stovGarden3e, get a fried eggplant slice that was cooling, declare that “this was an ugly slice anyways!”, and slyly dip it into her homemade spaghetti sauce….

I digress.

It was time that Grant and I start our own tradition and make our own garden. The house we rent already had a little box garden for herbs, and when we moved in last summer it was overflowing with delicious herbs that the previous owners had planted. This year I decided to re-plant in there, and we ended up with cherry and grape tomatoes, sweet basil, parsley, radishes, some scallions (that totally aren’t growing like we thought they would!), broccoli, and some jalapenos (mostly so I can con my lovely sister-in-law to make some of her stuffed jalapenos..wink wink Jackie)!

Garden2   Garden5Garden4



But of course, just herbs and cherry and grape tomatoes aren’t enough for us! Go big or go home! So we had decided it was time that we make a raised garden bed, and plant all sorts of delicious veggies in it. We started off with a trip to the Home Depot and got our supplies. We didn’t go with an already put together raised garden bed “kit” because that would be too easy for us, right? Our supplies were as follows:

  • Three 8′ x 12″ x 1″ pine boards – the salesman trimmed one in half for us so we had two 4′ boards $30.29 / each: get them here
  • Ten 4 ft. Lite Duty U-Post 14-Gauge Steel with Green Powder Coat Finish $3.34 / each : get them here
  • One 4ft. x 10ft. 14-gauge welded wire $37.37 / roll : get it here
  • Eight (or so) 4 inch screws
  • And Also… a truckload of dirt, some seeds, a shovel, a screw gun, and one green thumb.

1538883_10203396598543398_1770843071682544938_nWe started by screwing the four pine boards together, we did two of the 4 inch screws per corner.. We also had some 2x4s leftover from another project and angled them in the corners for some extra stability.

Now that we had the dimensions that the garden would be, we took our shovel and edged out the rectangle, then took all of the sod off the top, to expose the nice soil underneath. We ended up using all of that sod to fill in some holes in our yard (thanks, Romeo) and gave some to our neighbors as well to help fill in some spots in their yards. Then, we took our hoes and broke up the soil that was underneath that sod, so it wound mesh with the new soil we were going to fill the box up with.

We put the U-posts in the sides, two feet apart, so five on each side…Then we started filling the whole garden in with the awesome truckload of soil we got at our local nursery. We filled the box up leaving only about 2 inches on the top. Romeo helped us out with this part..


10300904_10203396599983434_6813512845399784507_nWe then hooked the chicken wire around the garden, and trimmed it as necessary, making a “doorway” to get in to plant. The U-Posts make it easy to unhook the chicken wire so you can get in and out easier. You don’t necessarily HAVE to use chicken wire around your garden, but we get lots and lots of bunnies in our backyard, so we thought if we wanted to actually eat our vegetables before the bunnies got to them then we had better protect them!

We happened to have some concrete stones lying around, and other various rocks/bricks that we used as a little footpath around the garden so we didn’t wear out the grass around it and make it ugly. Call it “garden-scaping” if you will.

Below are some pictures of what we planted, and a little “garden diagram”. This is about a month after we planted the seeds. Our peppers and tomatoes are not coming up…only a little bud or two! So we will have to keep our eyes on those….

Garden DSC_0150

I hope you enjoyed our little raised bed garden how-to! We had a blast making it and we can’t wait to, quite literally, enjoy the fruits of our labor! In closing, I will leave you with this photo of Romeo begging for the crackers I was eating…



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