10 Doggy Products to Buy or DIY!

June 29, 2014 § 1 Comment

Yesterday Romeo got to take a little trip to Petco, get pets and treats from all the lovely workers, and get a new harness!

The one he had previously been wearing was the first one we ever got him, when he was only two months old. Now he’s a six month old teenager and was ready for a new harness!



We get him plenty of toys, but he’s only interested in chewing wooden blocks, pine cones, or walnut shells.


This time we decided on a reflective harness, so when we go on night walks he can be seen by passing cars a bit better. We don’t get anything besides step-in harnesses, other ones are too hard to get on/off. Romeo chose the lovely shade of orange, to compliment his fur color. The exact harness can be found here: Coastal Pet Lazer Brite Reflective Nylon Orange Chevron Print Dog Harness (19.99 at Petco).

Romeo also got some new training treats….


Blue Buffalo Blue Bits (6.99), because we are working on the command “paw”. I always go with grain-free, healthy treats, and it is definitely worth the extra money.


Now for what you all really came to read, Romeo and I’s top 10 doggy products to buy or DIY!

Are you ready?

1. Bowhaus Nautical Stripe Crate Cover


It’s a bit pricey, we know. But come on! Romeo is already envisioning his crate looking like a seaside getaway. He’s tired of the Transformers blanket that sits atop his crate now. Maybe if I feel like busting out the sewing machine sometime soon, I will fashion one of these up…. Until then, get it here.

2. Metal Pet Id Tag by HammersAndHooks on Etsy


This is just beautiful, really. Romeo loves the handmade appeal, and look at that little bone charm! This would be much more stylish than the one he has from the pet store. All of their tags are unique, hand stamped, and made just for you and your pet! We are loving it. Get it here.

3. Cooling Pet Bowl by Sharper Image


It’s summer, and it is getting really hot out. It’s hard to keep putting ice in Romeo’s bowl, and we all want our pets to have cool drinking water, right? Simply put the plastic bowl liner in the freezer at night and in the morning, fill it with water and it will stay cool for 8 hours or longer keeping your pets well refreshed. Plus, it relieves you from having to fill their bowls with ice cubes that can present a dangerous choking hazard. We think this is a neat idea! Get it here.

4. PETriotic Leash Holder by Art4MilkBones on Etsy


Isn’t this just beautiful? We are feeling patriotic over here as the 4th of July approaches, but these adorable leash hooks come in different colors, too. They are made from of 1/2 inch thick pine wood with added wooden paw pads and are approx 5 x 5 inches in size w/a 2 inch wood peg to hang your pups collars & leashes. Get them here.

5. Dog Bow Tie Collar and Leash by BowWowCouture on Etsy


I, for one, am in love with this photo, and of course the product. We have had our eye on a bow tie collar for Romeo, and I think this shop has the most beautiful ones for boy and girl puppies, alike. Plus, I’m a sucker for good photography. If you are feeling super creative and DIY-y you can totally make this on your own. But if you’re being lazy like me, and want someone else to do all the work, head on over to Bow Wow Couture on Etsy and get one of these dapper bow ties today!

6. Re-vamped Armoire for Doggy Stuff Storage


I am loooooooving this idea. Borderline obsessed. It’s hard to keep all of your pets things in one place. Take an old piece of furniture, re-paint, and voila! A space to keep your dogs leashes, harnesses, toys, treats, food, bathing products, etc. I. Love. It. And I MAY have to totally do this awesome DIY project veeery soon. It is garage sale season, you know. We found the idea online at Better Homes and Gardens.

7. Dog Bed That They Can “Dig Into”


When Romeo gets into our bed at night, he fluffs the blankets with his nose, digs around, circles, circles some more, snoofs his nose to make the covers go juuust the right way, then finally, plops down. Romeo would absolutely looove this bed, and I am certainly thinking about DIY-ing it. Just some scrap wood and an old blanket or sheets, and you’d have an awesomely comfy bed that your dog will totally love to dig around in. Am I right? We found it originally, here.

8. Top Paw Collapsible Travel Bowl from PetSmart


We travel a lot with Romeo, we don’t want him to miss out on any fun experience or party we go to. That being said, he certainly can’t miss a meal time and I find myself stuffing my purse with tons of clunky food bowls that weigh me down. This would be a really great and lightweight solution to keep in my purse, you can get it at PetSmart, or online here.

9. Dog Photography Collage


I know this isn’t exactly a dog product…but I think it would make an awesome DIY project and beautiful piece for the home. Take a bunch of black and white photos of your dog’s face, put them together in photoshop, then get a big Engineer Print of it done at  Staples for around $4 for a 24″ x 36″. Can’t beat that deal! The original photo is by Dustin Weant, we found it on Flickr.

10. Freezy Pups Kit via Cool Pet Products


The Freezy Pups Kit contains a bone-shaped ice cube tray and a variety of four recipe packs. Each recipe pack is a different flavor and contains all organic ingredients. You just mix it with water, pour into the ice cube tray and freeze it. I love that it comes with recipe packs AND you can put whatever you want to freeze in it, too! The bone shapes don’t hurt the cuteness factor! Get it over at Cool Pet Products.


So that concludes our round up of top 10 Romeo-approves doggy products to buy or DIY! Now I must get working on some of these doggy DIY products, they’re just too tempting.

What are some of your dog’s favorite products?


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§ One Response to 10 Doggy Products to Buy or DIY!

  • saysie says:

    Awesome finds! I LOVE the crate cover! I also might have to have a go at making one, and I’m so going to get one of those Paw Leash Hooks. Thanks for sharing these! 🙂
    P.s Romeo is beautiful! x

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