7 Days of Autumn

September 17, 2014 § Leave a comment


It’s no secret that my favorite season is fall. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and of course, Thanksgiving is Grant’s (he likes any holiday with copious amounts of good food). It is finally time to wear those cozy sweaters, watch the leaves turn vibrant colors, drink and eat everything pumpkin spice and salted caramel, go to haunted houses, pick pumpkins at the farm, and Romeo’s favorite part of the season …chasing the blowing leaves (is it only our weirdo dog that loves this?)

Next Tuesday is the official “First Day of Autumn” so we are going to do 7 days of Autumn by giving you seven fall themed posts about our favorite season of the year. We’re going to start this first one off by showing you how we decorated the house…


Here’s our valiant little steed posing in front of our decorated front stoop. I couldn’t believe that he posed so perfectly, he’s really getting good at his commands, I wasn’t even holding a treat! The give thanks sign is from Jo Ann’s last year and the garland is from Michael’s. Then, Grant surprised me by cutting down the corn stalks in our garden and putting them up for our little fall display!


He sure is a sweetie! They’re browning up quickly, so they’ll look super fall-ish in a few days. We’ll be going to the farm (Grant’s parent’s farm) and helping pick pumpkins next weekend, which is always a blast. Hopefully it stays a little chilly, because nothing is worse than picking pumpkins in shorts and sweating it out.



In other news, I’ll be preparing this week for a craft show that i’ll be doing on Saturday and Sunday in New Germany. We went to the show last year, but as shoppers not vendors, and it was a huge event. I am super excited to get back into the swing of craft shows because I haven’t done one since January! It will be great to get back into the swing of things. Later this week I’ll give some updates on what I’ve been making and how I prepare.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my all time favorite pumpkin and apple recipes! Stay tuned for the next 7 days for some awesome Autumn goodies!



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