Fall is the Season for Craft Shows

September 21, 2014 § 1 Comment


Tis the season for…..craft shows! You heard me! Fall is one of the biggest seasons for craft shows, because people love their Autumn decorations, and love to get their Christmas shopping done early.

There are some really important things to know when doing a craft show. This weekend I went to a two day fall indoor/outdoor craft show with over 200 vendors, and we did GREAT! I have learned a ton through all the different craft shows I have done in the past year. I’d like to give you all a list of things that really helped me be successful at these shows. Ready?



1. Get a nice banner and a fitted tablecloth.

I got my banner at allstatebanners.com and I paid less than 20$, AND its super awesome quality. Be creative with you banner, and make it a pop of color if you can. It will be one of the first things people see and if you can, put your name on it. The first thing that people say to me are “So you’re Madison Paxton? You do all of this?

Now that you have your awesome banner you need to get a great fitted table cloth. Please don’t get an old sheet or some patterned old curtain – listen, these tablecloths aren’t expensive and are 100% WORTH IT! Get either white or black, I personally prefer black for my products, whatever color you choose just make sure it compliments your products and banner. I get my tablecloths from LinenTablecloth.com, I got an 8′ and a 6′ fitted tablecloths, most craft show tables are 8′ and I also have a 6′ table. It’s good to have one of both of these standard sizes.


2. Label everything clearly, and know the way you are going to set your table up the night before.

Whether you have to do a trial at a table at home or draw a diagram out, you will need to know exactly how your table will be laid out so you can quickly and easily set up, and you’re not spending extra time arranging and re-arranging your table when you get there. It also helps to know your set up before so that you aren’t bringing any unnecessary equipment. It is also extremely important that you have HEIGHT to your table! Make it eye-catching, not flat! Use risers or anything to make layers to your table.

ALWAYS have every price marked, or a large, clear sign that says the price of the items. People will not buy if they don’t know the price and don’t feel comfortable asking.


3. Get a square reader (or some other way to accept credit cards).

Accepting checks from people is kind of risky because you don’t know if they’ll bounce or not but everyone has a credit or debit card on them. This has really gotten me some sales, especially on my original paintings that run $80 and upwards. I like to use the square and bring my ipad, (although you could use your smartphone, too) I prefer the square because they have an easy to use interface, only take a small percentage out of each sale, you can accept payments offline without wifi, and they send you the card reader for FREE! And we like free things. They also have the “square stand” which you set your ipad in and it looks like a cash register (awesome). Go get yours here: https://squareup.com/ .

4. Bring a Friend

…Or your sibling or your spouse, anyone. It’s hard to unpack and repack all by yourself, plus having another person there to watch your booth allows you to take restroom breaks, check out the other booths/tables, and relax a bit more. Make sure the person is super fun too, here’s my sister in law having a blast:


5. Get a Tool Kit

Get a plastic tub with a handle, I use this one from Walmart, and put in it everything you could ever need in case something goes awry. Pens, markers, shopping bags, scissors, zip ties, tape, duct tape, extra price tags, some tylenol, scrap paper, receipts, etc, etc, etc. You don’t want to be caught without the necessities, in case something breaks! Have it all in one place and make sure the awesome person you bring knows where all these things are, too.


Happy craft show season! Hopefully with some of these tips you can have an awesome, successful craft show, have a ball, and make some extra Christmas shopping money!


Until next time,





DIY Play Kitchen

September 15, 2014 § 1 Comment

tv stand


I kept seeing these awesome DIY kitchens on Pinterest, and just couldn’t resist the temptation of turning some thrift store junk into a new treasure! My little nephew’s 3rd birthday was coming up, and I thought it would make a perfect gift for him! So off I went to the 3 nearest thrift stores, hunting high and low for an old TV stand that would work perfectly.


tv stand

11.99 later and I ended up with this gem (ha), a stainless steel bowl to act as the “sink”, and two plastic spoons. Then i went down to the next thrift store and found a little white medicine cabinet that I thought would work perfectly on top to act as a little pantry. So we began sanding it down, and then my power-tool wielding husband cut out a hole to set the bowl in for the sink….



After that, it was all about painting and painting and painting. We screwed in the medicine cabinet top, and added the “oven door” which was made from an extra shelf from our bookshelf in the office and a door hinge. It was starting to come together and look a lot more like a kitchen…





We then screwed in the back, added some little knobs made from random plastic pieces, attached a dowel for a little curtain, used some old CD’s and shiny rope from Michael’s for the burners, and used a wooden letter “J” upside-down for a faucet, and some folded paper “food” to stock the shelves! And voila! You get a nice kid’s kitchen for your play room!

kitchen done


Checking out the burners!


Play Action!



And here is me standing proudly next to my creation. Horray! The total came to less than $25, but we did have a lot of supplies on hand, like the extra wood, the paint, and the fabric. It just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make a super cool gift! Happy 3rd Birthday to the cool dude, G!



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