7 Days of Autumn

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It’s no secret that my favorite season is fall. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and of course, Thanksgiving is Grant’s (he likes any holiday with copious amounts of good food). It is finally time to wear those cozy sweaters, watch the leaves turn vibrant colors, drink and eat everything pumpkin spice and salted caramel, go to haunted houses, pick pumpkins at the farm, and Romeo’s favorite part of the season …chasing the blowing leaves (is it only our weirdo dog that loves this?)

Next Tuesday is the official “First Day of Autumn” so we are going to do 7 days of Autumn by giving you seven fall themed posts about our favorite season of the year. We’re going to start this first one off by showing you how we decorated the house…


Here’s our valiant little steed posing in front of our decorated front stoop. I couldn’t believe that he posed so perfectly, he’s really getting good at his commands, I wasn’t even holding a treat! The give thanks sign is from Jo Ann’s last year and the garland is from Michael’s. Then, Grant surprised me by cutting down the corn stalks in our garden and putting them up for our little fall display!


He sure is a sweetie! They’re browning up quickly, so they’ll look super fall-ish in a few days. We’ll be going to the farm (Grant’s parent’s farm) and helping pick pumpkins next weekend, which is always a blast. Hopefully it stays a little chilly, because nothing is worse than picking pumpkins in shorts and sweating it out.



In other news, I’ll be preparing this week for a craft show that i’ll be doing on Saturday and Sunday in New Germany. We went to the show last year, but as shoppers not vendors, and it was a huge event. I am super excited to get back into the swing of craft shows because I haven’t done one since January! It will be great to get back into the swing of things. Later this week I’ll give some updates on what I’ve been making and how I prepare.

Tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my all time favorite pumpkin and apple recipes! Stay tuned for the next 7 days for some awesome Autumn goodies!



My Shiba Inu is a Person Too

July 7, 2014 § 1 Comment

The events below are all true, and this little story is written by my husband, Grant. Enjoy!

Over the span of owning Romeo he has convinced me that he is most definitely a human. The way he moves, acts, looks, and reacts to events, brought me to the conclusion that he is not only a dog, but a persistent, conniving, heart-wrenching creature that rustles the covers on our bed until they are comfortable enough for his liking.

I always had a dog growing up on our family farm. But I had the type of dog that did their business in the field and helped itself to an open bag of Walmart’s ‘Old Roy’ dogfood by the milk house at the barn. Romeo is so high maintenance that he requires handfuls of food lay out on the carpet so that he can accomplish his meal one step at a time. We are currently working on his territorial-ness with this action. However, I see that he has realized that we are so wrapped around his ‘paw’, that both my wife and I will talk to him in a baby voice and crouch down with him for 30 minutes until he is finished. Now we take turns leaving him a handful of food on the floor, and I can sometimes successfully feed him with a bowl at work-so this technique may be working.

Picture 2

Staring into our souls before he ruffles around the covers until they’re “just right.”


Back home when I was younger, Mavis, a Border Collie Mix, used to round up the cows when we would bring them in twice a day for milking. And although Mavis was never trained, her instincts told her to circle around the cows and nip at their hooves to keep them moving. Dogs have never ceased to amaze me, but our Shiba Inu does more than amaze me. His personality is so human-like at times, that Romeo boggles my mind.


At times I feel that Romeo is a child that I take care of. At other times I feel that he has something very intelligent to exhume, but is unable to communicate it to me. On our ride to work in the morning Romeo will sometimes sleep because he was unable to get a good night’s rest. He tells me this by the way he slumps down into the passenger seat of my car and will roll his head upside down in my direction and let out an audible sigh.


“On our ride to work in the morning Romeo will sometimes sleep because he was unable to get a good night’s rest. “

Other days, he will pull back his blanket (the blanket designed for him to lay on and keep the leather seats clean) and lick the seat repetitively as if he were searching for the center of a Tootsie Pop. Ok, so I just made a terrible and exaggerated depiction of what most dogs probably do, but there are other instances that shine light on my theory of his humanness.


“…he rides with me in the cars, trucks, and tractors at work”

Romeo will watch me very closely at whatever I am doing. As he rides with me in the cars, trucks, and tractors at work, I find him intently watching my movements and see in his eyes a sense of contemplation and reasoning. He will look me in the eyes and want me to focus as if he needs to communicate something very important. I watch him think, and he watches me think. I sigh and scratch my head, he sighs and rubs his paw over his snout. It’s as if he is in the stage of childhood where the boy wants to do everything his father does. I watch him think, as if he has a billion stresses in his life and he is wondering how he is going to feed the kids, make this month’s quota, and meet his crucial deadline by the end of the week. I’ll see his mind wandering, as if he is brainstorming a new mathematical equation that can help us successfully cure cancer.

While riding in a vehicle Romeo does not like the windows open, and instead prefers the gentle breeze of the air conditioning. While the windows are down he will whimper and bite at the air until they are up and he is satisfied with the control setting of the a/c. While most dogs prefer to stick their head out the window, my Shiba Inu enjoys basking in the artificial coldness of whatever vehicle we may be in.


“He will look me in the eyes and want me to focus as if he needs to communicate something very important.”


“I’ll see his mind wondering, as if he is brainstorming a new mathematical equation that can help us successfully cure cancer. “


A favorite human-like example:

During one ‘normal as possible’ day with Romeo, I was playing a game with him with one of his favorite toys. At this moment I laughed at the position he was laying in. He heard me laugh, stopped what he was doing, and looked me straight in the eyes. He then decided that my amusement out of his chicken-wing-leg-position was not very kind, got up, moved two feet over ,and lay down depressed at the fact that I got an enjoyment at his expense. I never saw an animal do that in my entire life. He was mad at me. Genuinely mad at me, as if I just hurt a little brother’s feelings and he was going to tell mom on me.



Other instances that deem that Romeo a human:

-He relaxes with his legs sprawled out to get more comfortable.

-He whines and not barks.

-He prefers peanut butter cookies and milk in bed instead of dog food.10321752_10203396634504297_2179739035132612737_o

-He gets his feelings hurt a lot.

-He sits and thinks.

-He is an absolute devil if you mess up his routine.

-He tries to listen to you talk.

-He has facial expressions.

-He stretches in the morning just like I do.

-He audibly relives himself of gas and looks around to blame it on someone else.

-He expects things to happen.

-He is a hedonist.

-He would sit at the dinner table with his legs crossed and enjoy a glass of red wine if we would let him.

-He gets mad at his toys when they don’t move from him.

-He entertains himself.

-He knows when he is not supposed to have something.


In conclusion, here is a video of Romeo not wanting to wake up, much like  a human.


Has one of your dogs ever acted particularly human-like?
Do you believe there is a little Einstein inside their furry exterior?



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